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Unlimited Recycling, Inc., (URI) founded by Maria Marin, is a “One-Stop-Shop” company specializing in waste management and recycling services for universal, industrial, hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The high demand and awareness in waste reduction and universal recycling has given the company an opportunity to expand services into the solid waste industry. We now offer dumpster rental and roll-off services.

Incorporated in 1999, Unlimited Recycling has serviced building management companies, tier I and II suppliers, hospitals, school districts, municipalities and federal government departments. In addition, we have collected more than one million pounds of hazardous materials, sorted office waste and cardboard.


Unlimited Recycling services small and large quantity generators of waste who need to be in compliance with state and federal hazardous waste regulations.

We formulate waste assessments for our customers at their facilities and educate them on the proper procedures for recycling and proper disposal of waste materials so they are in compliance with local and federal regulations. In addition, we provide assistance with environmental audits. We can provide you with the documents that are normally requested by environmental auditors. Our records are continuously updated with the latest licenses, certificates and procedures, as they are renewed.

A Few Of Our Customers

Michigan Recycling, Waste Disposal & Dumpster Rental Services:

  • Electric Fluorescent Lamps, including, incandescent, HID
  • Ballasts: PCB, Non-PCB and electronic
  • Batteries: dry-cell and wet-cell, and electronic equipment
  • Industrial waste & solid waste services
  • Sorted office waste
  • Plastic, aluminum, steel and copper and much more!

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